Sound Junkeyz are a music production duo hailing from Derby UK, made up of the music producers AsH & Tee L

What started as a chance collaboration in renovating a studio, turned in to a creative new opportunity to make refreshing new music together unshackled by the boundaries typically imposed on artists.

Sound Junkeyz was formed from AsH & Tee L’s addiction to music and their quest to create new music that would spark a reaction to its listeners

They were raised on a healthy and nutritious diet of Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin and Dr Dre whilst being influenced by a plethora of other artists like Skrillex, Knife Party and Chase & Status

However the real inspiration behind the Sound Junkeyz was the early video games from the 80’s and 90’s they would play as children. These 8bit and 16bit video games were limited by the sounds they could use and captured the essence of creativity in order to standout from one another. 

Unknown to them at time, this form of music would lay foundation behind their musical journey. 

Sound Junkeyz work includes working with South Asian superstar Diljit Dosanjh who wanted something different, like a english ballad, to working on one of the current top rated games on the app store called Color switch. 

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